Thank You, Garden is now under experimental construction with a mission of Web accessibility.

As you see the page now, here it's filled by many colorful images but we have decided to do consturction this page to make it more accessible for people who who have poor Internet connection or use screen readers.

Our current experiment is on text-based browser environment where images and Javascripts can't be loaded.


Welcome to Thank You, Garden. This garden is a webzine created by Nami Kim and Eloisa Guerrero, members of P2P Distributed Web of Care residents hosted by in C/O Digital Festival in Berlin. Answering the urgency and desire for a decentralised, more caring and intimate internet, the zine manifests a communal web garden where the artists share their gratitude to their hosts and fellow residents for holding a warm, collective space. The zine features projects of some residents and hosts, as well as Thank You letters to each other. In the festival, Nami and Eloisa ran a HTML-based webzine workshop by integrateing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based live coding.
Nami is a web publisher who attempts to embrace daily sentiments in the digital interface. She publishes an experimental web page and an essay in her zine platform User Sentimental eXperience.
Eloisa is a media + software artist and developer who works with identity, memory, and nostalgia in physical and virtual spaces. She is interested in the handmade web and alternative ways of mark-making. (The workshop’s title is taken from the children’s book, “Thank You, Garden” by Liz Garton Scanlon, that celebrates the act of growing and cultivating gardens as a community.)

This is Cosmos sulphureus at the entrance of the garden. This is Cosmos sulphureus at the entrance of the garden.

Thank You, Garden

User Sentimental eXperience
by Nami Kim

by Eloisa

by Taeyoon Choi

Paeonia Drive
by Su Yu Hsin

PeachCloud & Bioregional Computing
by Max Fowler

Speculating about a better Internet
by Jake

Workshop Make your hand-made garden zine!
By Nami and Eloisa
P2P Festival at C/O Museum


by Alessandro

Vivian Chan's project

Becoming infrastructure
by Alice Yuan Zhang

Sam Griffith's project

P2P Workshop participant:
Timur Fattahov

P2P Workshop participant:
Stephanie &

P2P Workshop participant:
Jendrik &