Thank You, Garden hand-made webzine workshop (P2P FESTIVAL C/O Berlin)

Hosted by Nami Kim and Eloisa Guerrero (10th Dec 2022)

Thank You, Garden is a workshop and collaborative webzine created by P2P Distributed Web of Care residents Nami Kim and Eloisa Eloisa Guerrero in the C/O Digital Festival in Berlin. Answering the urgency for a decentralised, more caring and intimate internet, an artist Taeyoon Choi and Barbara Cueto held a peer-to-peer residency program Distributed Web of Care at C/O Berlin. Nami and Eloisa created the webzine Thank You, Garden, manifesting the Internet to be a communal garden where the artists share their knowledge and ideas in the web discourse, as well as gratitude to each other. The zine curates projects of fellow residents, as well as Thank You letters that they exchanged. (The workshop’s title is taken from the children’s book, “Thank You, Garden” by Liz Garton Scanlon, that celebrates the act of growing and cultivating gardens as a community.)

At C/O Berline on the 10th Dec 2022, Nami and Eloisa ran a 2 hours of hand-made webzine making workshop. It was programmed with a presentation of the Thank You, Garden zine and and HTML, CSS, JS instructions and self-making sessions in duo. The hosts prepared a tookit that the participants can work with during the workshop. It contained a few simple layouts as basic CSS examples, and folders of images and text in case they wanted to use as materials for their pages.

Participants: Stephanie Marie Cedeño, Su Yu, Timur Fattahov, Anna Fasolato, Alessanro, Andreas, Younhee, Jendrik

Nami is a Rotterdam-based web publisher who attempts to embrace daily sentiments in the digital interface. She publishes an experimental web page and an essay in her zine platform User Sentimental eXperience.

Eloisa is a media + software artist and developer who works with identity, memory, and nostalgia in physical and virtual spaces. She is interested in the handmade web and alternative ways of mark-making.
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